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Buju Banton Gifted Children’s Home A Viable Poultry Investment

I was happy to share the stage with you all. “A marketing officer has been employed, to assist with promotion, sales and product distribution. Whitley said in a statement sent to Urban Islandz, “we see this as the most significant contribution by any single individual and its impact on the development of Sunbeam. Food supplies, school stationery, shoes, and skills training workshops among the resources gifted to youths. “I want to congratulate the true winners tonight. It is aiming for a commercially viable business. The value of the prize given to the Children’s Home is J$3 million and will be used for the construction of a poultry/egg layers project. Buju Banton has undertaken various charitable causes since returning to Jamaica. Everyone who participated in this competition: you’re all winners. But for me the true winners tonight is the Sunbeam Boys Home. View this post on Instagram

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Facebook The approach taken by the Buju Banton Foundation to focus and invest in the longterm development of the wards is the best way to attain sustainable life changing impact; especially, for young men. Among those who have supported Buju’s dream include rapper Kanye West who donated laptops and desktop computers to staff and residents at Sunbeam Children’s Home and Manchester Boy’s Home. According to the Children’s Home, it has procured 500 layers that will produce eggs, and the chicken coup has all the required resources. We did it Sunbeam Boys Home, We did it.”

The competition was mired in controversy as less experienced singers took issue with artistes like Buju being shortlisted for the competition despite not auditioning for the competition. The Foundation says Audiomack also recently contributed US$5000 to the cause. It is indeed easier to build boys than to mend men. They along with staff, will obtain ongoing, theoretical and practical training, in agriculture and management, to ensure the durability of this project,” Rosemary Duncan, Director at Buju Banton Foundation, said. The Buju Banton Foundation was started in 2019 and will cater to the development of vulnerable boys in Jamaican society. The Buju Banton Foundation awarded a full scholarship to Tajay Bailey at Denham Town High School. He said his aim is to help those marginalized and to assist them in achieving their full potential. Buju Banton has made good on his promise to the Sunbeam Children’s Home to build a poultry business to feed and help support the children. The income generated, will be directly reinvested into facility, to provide for its residents. However. The Foundation’s contribution is building the boys of Sunbeam and to a larger extent the men of Jamaica.”
Buju Banton, in July 2020, announced that his winnings from the Jamaica Song Festival will go towards the Children’s Home. Buju was unbothered. In a statement, Sunbeam Children’s Home Administrator Desmond Whitley says the investment will go a long want to not only financially support the children but also expose them to being responsible as they grow from children into men. The Home houses boys who are wards of the state.