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Explore 60 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories by Subgenres

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Technological Advances

Characteristics of this subgenre:   Robots, clones, AI, oh my! If you’re familiar with these categories, they can act as direct portals to stories you know you’ll love. Who doesn’t love a good science fiction or fantasy subgenre? 39863238 48829708 53205794 49295293 53205912 53317425 Retellings Characteristics of this subgenre: New takes on old myths or folktales, gender-bent stories, redemption arcs for misunderstood villains, everything old is new again. 49504061 49247242 51862863 44552037 55077706 55276504 Alternate Universes Characteristics of this subgenre:   Parallel universes, multiple universes, different versions of the same person across universes—that sort of thing. Explorations of the good, the bad, and the scary sides of humanity’s relationships with machines. 41093489 42046112 45422268

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Astronaut Adventures

Characteristics of this subgenre:   People hurtling in tin cans through empty space (and somehow these aren’t horror novels?), moon colonies, murders in space (again, not horror!), the human side of space exploration. We’ve got your guide to ten crowd-pleasing speculative fiction subgenres below, each with recommendations for recent popular books.Don’t forget to add any titles that catch your eye to your Want to Read shelf, and be sure to share your favorite subgenres in the comments below! posted by Sharon
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Timey Wimey Tales

Characteristics of this subgenre:   Time travel, time slippage, getting stranded in time, trying to change the past or the future and often causing more issues in the present. 50929989 51530580 53438195 54860614 55169019 55077538 Climate Fiction Characteristics of this subgenre:   Collapsing ecologies, nature red in tooth and claw, stories of human innovation and resilience in the face of climate disaster. Let’s talk books in the comments below! 52578297 53110298 48848254 50202953 53460867 54616389 Space Opera Characteristics of this subgenre:   Clashes between civilizations, planetary political intrigue, and governments at an interstellar scale. 45869112 42121525 50998056 52359662 48836769 53359447 Urban Fantasy Characteristics of this subgenre:   Wizards on the subway, eldritch horrors attacking apartment dwellers, magic plus a contemporary city setting equals some very cool books! And if phrases like “space opera,” “climate fiction,” or “urban fantasy” baffle you, worry not! 52257262 52027273 52378682

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Postapocalyptic Futures

Characteristics of this subgenre:   World-changing events, dystopian landscapes, revolutions against totalitarian states, pandemic pandemonium. 52379735 53435898 54120408

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Which are your favorite sci-fi and fantasy subgenres? Alternate History Characteristics of this subgenre:   Witch trials but with actual witches, wars that occurred in the real world but with magic, historical timelines that look recognizably like our own but with a speculative twist.